The Nonesuch Gallery are pleased to offer a research service on commission. If you own a piece of art and have always wanted to know more about it, be that its ownership history, the identity of the artist or what the subject could be, we are able to offer our skills to discover the missing pieces of the puzzle.


For more information, please contact us below by email with images of the piece in question and your requirements. We can then discuss the logistics of this project, including its projected length, scope and any further details. We are also happy to discuss the possibility of creating a detailed inventory of a collection if that is something of interest.


Please note that we are not able to provide valuations for insurance or probate, but are happy to advise on how to begin this process, for no charge. 


Eugène Anatole Carrière (1849-1906)


Viewers at an Exhibition

Sold in 2020 to the Musée Eugène-Carrière,