Pen & brown ink with grey washes

13.2 x 20.7cm



With Galleria del Caminetto, Bologna;

Private Collection, Italy



Filippo was the son of the Bolognese painter Domenico Pedrini. He was taught to paint by his father at first, and continued his studies at the Accademia Clementina in Bologna under Ubaldo and Gaetano Gandolfi, while Mauro Gandolfi was a fellow pupil. Pedrini would never stray far from the the Gandolfi family's artistic style for the rest of his career. 


His first paintings of St Barbara and St Thomas Aquinas for the church of St Bartolomeo in Bologna date from 1779, in the period when he probably began collaborating with his father. In 1790 he became a member of the Accademia Clementina, and in 1821 he was elected to the Accademia Pontificia in Rome. Around the year 1800 Pedrini began painting frescoes. Among his larger commissions in Bologna were the Allegory of Victory and The Muses for the Palazzo Comunale and ceilings in the Palazzo Hercolani.