Paper watermarked J KOOL [Jan Kool, Amsterdam, active 1728-1800, pace Churchill (1935)]

Watercolour with pen & ink

32.5 x 50cm



For a comparable work executed on a sheet bearing the same watermark, see View of Leidespoort, Amsterdam, Morgan Library (New York), Inv. No. 2010.178. 


Theodore (known as Dirk) Verrijk born the son of the artist Abraham Verrijk, in Haarlem in the North of today's Netherlands. Verrijk was a decorative painter, draftsman, and copyist and was active primarily between c.1760-1770. He is best-known for his highly distinctive topographical landscape views which record the rural localities Verrijk must have passed through during his career. The present work is typical of these, using Verrijk's preferred composition of a river framed by buildings either side, his idiosycratic rendering of water with black wash lines and the combination of some areas coloured with wash and some left rendered in monochrome.


Around 1761, Dirk had been working as an independent and itinerant topographical draftsman. He worked in Mechelen (in c.1769), recorded scenes from Brussels to Paris (where he had been living prior to 1768), and also worked on occasion in the Austrian (Southern) Netherlands. His sketchbooks and detailed drawings show landscapes and buildings in areas in or around Gelderland, Overijssel, Brabant, Utrecht, Zeeland. He was also known as a decorative painter of interiors, painting landscapes for decorative wallpaper, many of which can be found in the collection of the Pastorie 'Trudo', Zundert.


His drawings during his lifetime were in high demand: in 1774 at least 28 works by Verrijk were included in a sale of the art collection of the mayor of Schorel in Antwerp; the auction catalogue for Jacob Cramer Sijmonsz of Amsterdam contained 60 works. Today his works can be found in the collections of numerous Museums both in the Netherlands and internationally: the former including in the Teylers Museum (Haarlem) and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam); the latter including the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (New York), the Morgan Library (New York), the British Museum (London), the Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg) and the Scottish National Gallery (Edinburgh) among others.

DIRK VERRIJK (1734-1786)


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